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Thank you for visiting NWI Customs and Detailing! When it comes to providing services in Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, and Window Tinting in St. John, IN, we are the industry leaders. Allow us to assist you in safeguarding your vehicle with the most effective products now available on the market. Our skilled team is driven by a deep-seated commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for every client that utilizes our services.

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Northwest Indiana is home to the picturesque community of St. John, IN. The region is home to an abundance of different types of leisure opportunities and features some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the vicinity. There is something for everyone to do in St. John, IN, from exploring nature trails to going to the beach on Lake Michigan. In addition, this bustling city features a great selection of places to buy and dine for your dining and shopping pleasure.

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Ceramic Coating at St John IN

When it comes to ceramic coating, NWI Customs and Detailing is the trusted expert. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in offering the highest quality ceramic coating products, so you can be sure that your vehicle will look its best. We take pride in providing superior service every time, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is second-to-none.

Our Top-Rated XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coatings are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide unmatched protection against water spots, oxidation, abrasions, and more. We guarantee our ceramic coatings will never yellow or fade with age! Not only that, but they are also easy to clean and maintain - so you can rest assured that your vehicle is always looking its best!

Window Tinting Services In St John IN

This summer, make sure to protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays with window tinting services from NWI Customs and Detailing. We specialize in XPEL Prime Window Tinting products, designed to provide superior heat and glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy. Our window tinting services are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance required.

Our nano-ceramic window tint offers superior protection from the sun’s UV rays, while maintaining your vehicle’s stylish look. It also provides enhanced impact resistance and breaks down harmful solar radiation to keep your car looking its best for years to come.

Paint Protection Film Services In St John IN

At NWI Customs and Detailing, we specialize in providing the highest quality paint protection film services in St John IN. The paint on your car is susceptible to ordinary wear and tear that can create scratches, chips, and fading. Our KAVACA Paint Protection Film is made to shield the paint from these hazards. Additionally, it offers great protection against other environmental hazards such as bird droppings, chemical spills, road salt, and UV radiation.

This particular sort of film is also simple to apply, and you can be certain that our team of highly qualified professionals will execute the installation process with the utmost caution at each and every stage. We guarantee that your car will look its finest with a perfect finish that will last for years to come!

Premier Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, and Window Tinting St. John, Indiana

Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, and Window Tinting are three of the many services that we at NWI Customs and Detailing are experts in providing. Our experienced group focuses on delivering items of the highest possible quality that also achieve outstanding results. Because we are aware of how essential it is to preserve the condition of your automobile, we make it a point to provide quality service on each and every visit.

Window tinting in St. John, IN is a service that NWI Customs and Detailing can provide you with to the highest possible standard. Window tinting can be a rewarding experience, and we can help you get the most out of it by offering reasonable prices, unmatched quality, and a team of committed professionals who are always available to assist you. In addition to providing products of the highest quality, we also pride ourselves on the superiority of our customer service, which helps to ensure that your acquisition will meet all of your expectations. Visit NWI Customs and Detailing and experience the best Paint Protection St John IN services!

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Hold on, we are not done yet! We also provide metallic window tinting that offers superior heat and glare reduction, enhanced privacy, and uniform color. Our team of experienced technicians is specially trained in applying window tint to the highest possible standard and we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

At NWI Customs and Detailing, we are committed to providing our clients with the best in quality products and service. If you’re looking for ceramic coating, paint protection film services, or window tinting in St John IN, and the surrounding area, our team of experts is available to assist you. Contact us today for the best in auto detailing services! Check out our Instagram to see our work!

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